What video game character are you quiz?

Video Game Characters Quiz

I used to play some Parappa the Rapper back in the day! :) Check out "bathroom rap" for some memories. "In the rain or in the snow, I got the funky flow, but now I really gotta go!" I never would have thought an obscure video game character such as Chop Chop Master Onion would be in this quiz. It's cool though, because I got it.

I tried, "mike tyson punchout". Can we make that an acceptable answer.

I hit the average 8 right on the head. many of those I've never heard of.

I retract that statement. I've just never heard of the Rapper. The others I've heard of, but just don't know anything about them.

missed Chop Chop Master Onion, but I never did play PaRappa the Rapper. Got the rest of them easily.

After seeing PaRappa the Rapper I couldn't think anymore. Wow the memories!! :)

I only remembered who Blinky was with 4 seconds left!! Great quiz, you should seriously consider making a longer quiz about this, it's very fun!!

How do so few people know Simon Belmont? D:

I've never played his games, only knew him as a character from Captain N...

Because I only played it when my kids were young in the 1980s. My pea brain doesn't retain trivia that long.

GLaDOS is also from the half-life series that should be accepted as an answer as well

There is not Glados in any of the Half Lifes.

The hell are you talking about? Glados isn't mentioned even once in Half-Life. I think Aperture Science is, but not Glados.

You're thinking about the orange box, which contained half life 2, in addition to portal and team fortress 2.

Portal and Portal 2 in its entirety is in the same universe as Half-Life. However, GLaDOS is a Portal character and not a Half-Life character.

if you think easy come to my QUIZ just search International flight

It makes me sad how so few people know the classics; like Simon Belmont, Bald Bull, and Dr. Wily.

Funny thing is, five of these characters are in "Super Smash Bros Brawl", but the quiz won't accept that answer (of course!).

The quiz is asking for what series they came from. There are no playable characters in the Super Smash Bros. series that are original to it.

I've never played Portal before and had no idea any of the things in it even had names, but somehow I got that right on my first guess. Still missed the last 3, though.

Can you accept Lylat Wars for Star Fox?

Lylat Wars is not a series though, its a war in the Star FOx unvierse

it is actually, its the retitled European version of the Starfox 64 game.

First half...easy. Second half...Gaaaaahhh!

got them al;l exept falco seriosly who plays falco it a bird that shots mini balls it proubbly sucks thyem to

Just because u didn't get him

Missed Mega Man, but got the rest. I imagine if you're a Nintendrone you will struggle with anything outside of the usual crew. Also, maybe you should use Biohazard as an alternative to Resident Evil and as someone else mentioned, Lylat Wars is the UK name for Star Fox.

I second the Biohazard type-in! It's the Japanese title, i.e., the original. Fans know that.

Punch kick man, it's all in the mind.

No Ryu Hayabusa? For shame.

I can't believe i missed dr. wily and blinky! D:

I got 100 percent on everything. Woo! Master Onion almost had me, though. the rest of the test was pretty easy (aside from my frantic mashing on the keyboard ). You learn a thing or two when both of your parents were avid gamers. Also, I love you forever for including Heihachi in the quiz. xD

You should add Steve from Minecraft. Or Dohvakiin from Skyrim

Cant believe I didn't get Altair, I love Assassins Creed! and Street Fighter! Old School games aren't really my thing so I didn't get Heihachi Mishima, Blinky and stuff like that I got: Bowser, Lara Croft, Link, Master Chief, Sub Zero, Solid Snake, Samus, GLaDOS, Falco, Dr. Wily, John Marston and Chop Chop Master Onion

Street Fighter is more old school than Tekken! And both provided so much nineties fun.

anyone else just want to type in BILL, for the given Blinky?!!

This was easy got them all I can't believe 4% didn't know browser was in mario!

He's not. "Bowser", however, IS from the Mario series.

Google Chrome is one hell of a tough boss in the Mario series. Didn't you know. Then there's Internet Explorer, damn, IE screwed me over so hard when I first fought against it. Firefox was an easy fight though...

What about Gordon Freeman from Half Life?. Also missing: Glados (Portal), Kratos (God of War), Agent 47 (Hitman), Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island) and Minsc and Boo (Baldurs Gate)

Well if you put Boo, I would simply assume the Mario series...

Samus and Link were in Smash Bros, too. SO was Bowser

Smash Bros takes a number of games and throws them together, so I wouldn't really count it as a valid answer personally.

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